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How to Recover the Forgotten Password of your AOL Account

AOL is a multinational mass media corporation based in the New York. It is basically a subsidiary of the Verizon Communications. The popular news websites such as The Huffington Post, Engadget, and TechCrunch are owned and operated by AOL.

To access AOL services, you are required to create an account. And that account is protected by a password.

The password of your AOL account is a fingerprint that is uniquely yours. And it provides unauthorized accesses to your account. Otherwise the intruders can easily break into your account and temper your content in whatever way they like.

You should realize that it is a secret door to your AOL Software and no one else should be aware of it.

The password you create for this account should be strong. A strong password has both small and big alphabets including the numbers and symbols. And try to avoid obvious words like “Aolpassword” etc.

The Procedure to recover the forgotten AOL Password is as follows

  1. First of all go to Visit i.aol.com.
  2. And tap on Forgot Password. The link is present beneath the password field box.
  3. And enter your account email address or simply username in the relevant field.
  4. Then enter captcha displayed in the image
  5. Now click on Next
  6. If the captcha is not visible clearly, you can tap on the refresh button. You will see a fresh set of words or numbers on your screen.
  7. Or you can choose to tap on Volume button. The system will read the words aloud for you.
  8. Your account will be verified first, tap Confirm under verify option.
  9. And begin the process of resetting your password. Create a strong password. A strong password is formed by mixing numbers, small and big alphabets.
  10. Confirm the password by retyping it in confirmation box. Remember your password should be 8-16 characters long and it is case sensitive.
  11. Then tap on the Next.
  12. Congrats, you have successfully reset your password. Then tap on done to sign in with new password.
  13. At the end you asked to tell your age, name and other details. It may be because you may have not updated your account for a while. And hence we don’t have info on file.
How to Recover the Forgotten Password of AOL Account
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How to Recover the Forgotten Password of AOL Account
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How to Recover the Forgotten Password of AOL Account