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How to Recover your Forgotten Facebook Password

These days almost every internet user is on Facebook. Facebook is the most common social media site being used these days. Because it provides a wide range of options and features for a user than other social media sites.

Since internet users have to track the passwords of multiple accounts including banking, web mail, device and social media, etc., it is possible for a user to confuse one password with others. Some users forget passwords and it becomes difficult for them to retrieve their Facebook account unless they know the recovery methods.

In this article we will tell you the recovery methods to retrieve your password.

Reset Facebook Password

The procedure is completed in two steps:  

Step 1:

The procedure to reset/ recover Facebook password is as given below

  1. First of all either navigate to Facebook login or launch app on smartphones.
  2. And Tap on “Forgot your password?”
  3. Now enter phone number, email address, username in the given fields and click on ‘Search’.
  4. Facebook will locate your profile after some time
  5. And tap on Continue. You can choose to receive code via SMS on the phone. Or recovery link to email address.
  6. And follow on screen instructions to retrieve your Facebook password.

Step 2: Troubleshooting Password Retrieval

The Procedure is as given below:

  • Check the Junk mail or spam folder of your webmail account to check recovery email. Because the email from Facebook may have been recognized as spam by your webmail account.
  • If the recovery link is not present in junk or spam folder as well. Then wait for minimum 24 hours to request for one more recovery link. Because at times it happens that you receive a link after several hours.
  • If your internet browser remembers passwords, then you can use this internet browser to recover your forgotten passwords. You just need to login to your web browser and go to settings. In the Settings section, choose View or manage saved passwords.
  • Suppose if you are using Mozilla Firefox, go to its startup menu and select Security
  • Now choose option Saved Passwords>> Saved Passwords
  • You will see the password next to the Facebook URL.