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How to Recover Forgotten Gmail Password

An internet user is required to keep multiple number of passwords in mind. Apart from Gmail password, he/she may require to remember the passwords of his/her bank accounts, multiple social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp etc.

Remembering all these passwords is a mind-boggling exercise for a user. It is also possible that one may confuse the password of one account with the other.

So you should know how to recover a forgotten Gmail Password in the quickest possible time. There are three alternate ways to do it. We will mention them one by one here. You can use them alternately. If you fail to recover your Gmail password through one method, you can try one of the other two methods.

E.g. if a user has linked to a mobile number or an email address with his/her account, it will be easy for Google to recover forgotten password. In case of unavailability of an alternate email address or phone number, then Google attempts to verify the identity of the user. And if the identity of the user is not ascertained, the account will remain locked forever.

And at the same time you should know that Google doesn’t have any customer service or helpline to recover lost passwords. And beyond these methods, there is no other way to recover forgotten Gmail password.

Method No 1:  Making use of Account Recovery Page

This method comes handy for Gmail users who don’t have a mobile number or an alternate email address linked to their account.

The Procedure to recover the forgotten Gmail password using Account Recovery Page is as given below

  1. First of all, go to the Account Recovery Page of Google
  2. Or simply load your Gmail page and tap on ‘Need Help’ link. The link is present underneath the login box.
  3. And among the range of options, choose “I don’t know my password”.
  4. And now enter your account. Type or enter your username
  5. And tap on Continue
  6. Now click on “I don’t know” or simply enter your last password.
  7. This last password will speed up the recovery process.
  8. If the last password of your account is not coming in your mind, no issues, it is not important to retrieve your Gmail account.
  9. Now you will asked to choose a recovery option. The recovery option is either your phone number or email address.
  10. In case you will choose phone, then you will receive an automated call or an SMS. Or the code will be sent to your email address.
  11. Then you will be redirected to account retrieval survey.
  12. Now enter Verification code in the required field. In case you received the code via mail, then you will need to click on the link. For those who choose a phone option, they will have to enter the code.
  13. Finally you have reached to the conclusion Step.
  14. Create a new password for your Gmail account.
  15. Enter the password twice to confirm it.
  16. And then tap on “Reset Password” to validate the process.
  17. But before creating a password, know the rules, how to create a strong password.

Method No. 2: Fill out password recovery Form

The procedure is as given below

  1. First of all you will have to start recovery questionnaire.
  2. In case you have a mobile number or an alternate email address linked to your account, the recovery questionnaire page will appear on its own.
  3. Since this page is not instant, you may need to try for it many times.
  4. Now enter a secondary email address which you have access to. You will receive the recovery link on this page.
  5. So if you don’t have an email address, then you should create an account first and then proceed to recover your forgotten password.
  6. Now select the time when you accessed your account last time. You don’t need to be hundred percent accurate for it.
  7. And select the date when you created your Gmail account.
  8. If you don’t remember the exact date, no issues, guess any date close to that time.
  9. Now you will be asked to give answers to security question associated with your account.
  10. And then five of your favorite contacts. Plus, you can also name labels and recovery email.
  11. And you may also require to choose the names of devices and products you have used to sign in to your account along with Approx. dates
  12. And then Tap on Submit. And it will take some time and then Google will deliver the results of the review at the email linked to your email.

Method No. 3:  Password recovery Program

The procedure is as given below

  1. Go  to NirSoft website and type nirsoft.net
  2. And simply download WebBrowserPassView
  3. It scans your computer or mobile for the stored login info.
  4. This will help you to retrieve your password.
  5. You will not require to install this software
  6. Find your entry and note the password and username. If it is recent password, then use it to sign in to your account. If older then use it to change your password.