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How to Reset the Lost/ Forgotten Password of SAP

An internet user has to keep track of multiple password of his/her bank, email and social media accounts. In addition they are required to remember passcodes of phone, pc and multiple other websites.

And in this amalgam of passwords, they easily confuse password of one account with another. And after several invalid login attempts, the service is blocked by the company.

Whether it is a webmail, or a social media service, there is a set procedure to recover the lost or forgotten passwords. In this post we will tell you how to reset the lost password of your SAP account.

The Password recovery page of the SAP shows you a list of internet users using SAP. These contacts are being mapped to continuous monitoring.

The page shows first and last name of users with ID in brackets. And apart from it, the page shows connection names along with details.

The limitation is that it is not a secure method and supports only online connections.  And the user is able to reset passwords in all connections, whether they are users or owners.

Password recovery method

The Procedure resets the lost/ Forgotten Password of SAP is as given below:

  1. The setting is manual and hence can be configured via ResetPasswordConfiguration.xml file.
  2. The password recovery link shows on the interface of the user. And  for it you should have a Reset SAP password license
  3. In case the password license purchased by the user has expired, the link appears on an interface but in disabled form. Then, without updating password license, you can’t reset your password.
  4. Now choose Check Box next to the name field.
  5. And tap on Reset Password
  6.  If you have chosen automatic option on User Creation Options on the configuration page, then it will generate passwords automatically and you will see a confirmation message on your screen.
  7. And in case you have chosen a manual option, then you will see a pop up window on the screen
  8. Now create a password in the password text box, retype to confirm it and tap on Save.
  9. SAP has set its own password policy via User Creation Options on Configuration page. So you have to follow that message particularly. A confirmation message will display.
  10. Once you see ‘Password reset and unlock is successful’ on your screen that means your password has been reset successfully.
  11. Moreover, if you are an SAP user and your account has been locked because of multiple invalid password attempts, you can also make use of this password reset page of SAP to unlock your account. Your status will be checked against DATA extracted using DEE.
  12. And if your SAP account has been locked because of some other reason other than the invalid password attempts, your account will not be unlocked via this method and you will see Password reset successful without unlocking’ message on your screen.
  13. In that case you will not be allowed to unlock your SAP without resetting the password.
How to Reset the Lost/ Forgotten Password of SAP
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How to Reset the Lost/ Forgotten Password of SAP
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How to Reset the Lost/ Forgotten Password of SAP