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How to Recover Forgotten Skype Password

Social connections have now no more boundaries and we can have friends and acquaintances across nations. This is just because of social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Skype, and many other similar social networking sites. One such platform is Skype through which we can make new friends and connect to all our near and dear across nations.

In addition, this innovative social platform feature many functions like text messaging, video calling, and provide us a way to share our experiences with our friends and families. Skype also allow video conference calls.

Though, social platforms such as Skype made our social connection easy and fast. But as we have lots of social platforms so we need to create different user accounts for all our social platforms. In addition, we need to remember passwords for each of our social accounts meanwhile we also remember passwords for banks, ATMs etc. So, eventually we may forget our password(s).

In case you have forgotten your Skype password then here you can get information on how you can recover your forgotten Skype password.

Method to recover forgotten Skype password

  • To recover forgotten Skype password firstly go to the Skype log in page. Now visit “Password Reset Request” page by clicking “Problems signing in?” (under sign in button), on the sign in page.
  • After the reset password page appear then provide your email address that you use to log in to your account in the in the field. Alternately you can also choose to enter phone number, or Skype name to recover your password. Remember if you provide phone number then you’ll receive recover code on your phone. After you enter email address/phone number/name, then click on “Continue” button.
  • Now open your email inbox in the email account you provided and then find a message from Skype consisting of a temporary code.
  • After you get the password code then you can use the code to reset your password within 6 hours or after this time the code will expire and you’ll need to repeat the password recover process.
  • Either enter the code in the Skype page or click on the link which comes with the mail from Skype. Once you click on the link you’ll be redirected to Skype website for resetting your Skype password.
  • After successfully passing the code verification steps or redirection you’ll see a page with fields asking for new password. Here on this page type your new password and then type the new password again for confirmation in the next filed. Finally, when its complete then click on “Submit”.
  • Your Skype password now has been reset.
How to Recover Forgotten Skype Password (Complete Method)
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How to Recover Forgotten Skype Password (Complete Method)
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How to Recover Forgotten Skype Password (Complete Method)