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How to Recover Forgotten Tumblr Password

There is no doubt that most of us use social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Gmail, Twitter, Tumblr etc. This is because such platforms provide us a way to connect to our friends and acquaintances.

Moreover, you create an account with your preferred username and password and start using a social platform such as Tumblr. Further, sometime remembering passwords of different social platforms might become challenging and you may end up forgetting the password of one or more of your social networking sites. This may also happen in case of your Tumblr account.

So, if you have forgotten password of your Tumblr account then here are the steps to recover your forgotten Tumblr password.

How to recover forgotten Tumblr password?

Tumblr is one of the popular social networking sites that connects millions of users on the Tumblr. Further, Tumblr is a good platform to share your blogs and ideas. In addition, users can follow users and share contents including multimedia contents.

As with other social platforms, users have to create an account to start with the Tumblr. Further, for this, users opt for a desirable username and password which they use to access their Tumblr account. Sometime, due any possible reasons a user may fail to remember his/her Tumblr account in that case the user find himself unable to access his/her Tumblr account.

So, if such case happens then you can resolve this issue by just resetting the lost password. Below are the simple steps to recover your lost password.

Read below mentioned six steps to recover your forgotten tumblr password:

First: Click on ‘Forgot your password?’ button:

When you visit Tumblr website then the signup page appears. Once this page appears look for and click on the ‘Forgot Password’ button under the Login button on the Tumblr sign in page.

Second: Enter your E-mail address in next page:

Once you click on the Forgot your password? Button then provide your email in the field on next page and then click on ‘Reset Password’ button when you’re ready.

Third: Confirmation message:

If you have successfully provided all information, then a confirmation message should appear. The message informs you that a password reset mail has been sent on the email address which you provided during the reset procedure.

Fourth: Reset password mail:

When the message appears then a mail reaches in your email account titled ‘Tumblr Password’. So, in the mail find and click on the ‘Reset password’ button.

Important: in case you don’t find the mail then check your junk/spam mails folder if it’s there (or to get the reset mail again start again with the first step).

Fifth: Now enter your New password:

After clicking on the Reset password button a new window asking a new password appear. So, here provide your new password for your Tumblr account in the first field then again enter the password in the confirm password field (second password box). Finally, click on the ‘Set new password’ button to reset your password.

Sixth: Finally, your password is reset:

After resetting your password you are automatically logged in your Tumblr account again.

How to Recover Forgotten Tumblr Password
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How to Recover Forgotten Tumblr Password
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How to Recover Forgotten Tumblr Password