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How to Recover Forgotten Twitter Password

Twitter doesn’t require an introduction since it’s a part of our lives as millions of people twit around the world daily. Twitter is really a very popular social platform where you can follow your favorite personality such as Film star, Politician, and others.

Nevertheless, you can create your Twitter account with your phone number, email address or other choose a username. Also, choose a desirable password to log in to your twitter account. If you fail to remember your twitter account, then you won’t be able to access your twitter account and which becomes troublesome as you start looking for a solution.

Anyways, if have forgotten your twitter account password then here you can find the steps to recover your forgotten twitter account password. So, read here to know how you can recover your twitter account password.

How to recover forgotten Twitter password?

Method to recover forgotten password using twitter website by email

  • First open the twitter sign in page and from the sign in page, choose the ‘Forgot password?’ option.
  • Now once next page appears then enter your email address.
  • Provide the email address where you want to receive the reset password mail for resetting your password.
  • After this open the email which you have provided in the reset procedure and find the reset mail. Find the link for resetting the password.
  • Now after this click on the link in the mail to reset the password.
  • Once you are redirected to the new reset password page then enter the new password in the password field and then confirm the password in the second field.

Note: Please note that the reset password link available with the reset mail is time sensitive thus if you don’t click on the link in the specified time then the link will no longer be useful after the time.

Method to reset password via phone SMS

  • If you have registered your phone number with the twitter account, then you can receive a reset twitter account password code on mobile phone via SMS/text message.
  • Now if so then visit twitter and choose ‘Forgot password?’ from log in page then provide your mobile number in the field asking for mobile number, email address, or Twitter username to reset your password.
  • Once you enter your phone number in the appropriate field you will receive an SMS/Text message in a few seconds.
  • Now you’ll receive a six-digit code from Twitter which remain valid for 15 minutes.
  • Once you receive the code then provide the code in the field that appear after sending the code on the twitter page.
  • Now after this provide the new password for your twitter account.
  • Note: User that are enrolled in login verification can only reset password through email.

Method to reset a lost password from computer or mobile phone

  • For mobile phones launch the twitter application.
  • Now after you launch the app a log in screen will appear. Now tap on the “Forgot password?” option on the log in screen.
    Once you click on Forgot password option then further enter your email, user name, or phone number to get the reset code on phone or mail on email. Enter one of these options to reset your Twitter account password. You can provide the phone number only if you have an associated phone number with your account.
  • Choose your method to reset password. Twitter provides two different methods to reset the password, but one is available in case have a phone number which is associated with your account. You can choose any of the method to reset the password but choose to reset the password by phone if you have a phone number that you have already associated with the twitter account. Further, if you haven’t an associated phone number then enter email address.
  • If you enter the phone number, then twitter will send a text message to reset the password. For emails check mail and “Updates” section in case of Gmail.
  • For phone enter the code to reset the password and for email click on the reset mail then enter new password for resetting the password.