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How to Recover your Forgotten Uber Password

If there is case that you have forgotten your Uber account password but can’t wait for a response from the customer support service, then you’ll have to troubleshoot the issue yourself. Similarly, you may need to avail the Uber service asap but due to unable to access your Uber account you can’t do so.

So, how you can troubleshoot the problem yourself quickly? Here we are going to give a simple tip on how you can recover your lost Uber password. So, unfortunately if you forgotten your Uber login password then you can recover your password by just following the easy steps below.

How to recover your forgotten Uber password?

Uber is a worldwide transport service provider and operating in different cities of the world. In addition, Uber offers its Uber application used to hire an Uber cab for a ride to your destination. Nevertheless, a user has to create an Uber account with his/her preferred username and password Further, user then use the username and password to login the account for availing the Uber service.

Unfortunately, there could be case when user forget the password and this may become troublesome for the user. However, if such a case occurs then user can recover his/her password easily. For this user have to reset the password. You can reset password in both from Uber’s website or Uber phone application.

Method to reset password in Uber application

First: Launch the Uber application on your smartphone.

Second: After launching the app now type in your phone number when login page appears.

Third: Now tap on the “I forgot my password” option.

Fourth: After this in the field on the new page type Uber email address.

Fifth: Next Tap on the arrow → button.

Sixth: Now Tap on OK. After the tap on OK button you will get an email from Uber consisting a reset link to the email address you entered.

Seventh: After this open your Uber email account.

Eight: find and click on the email with reset link from Uber. In case you can’t find the email in inbox then check “Spam” folder (or “Updates” folder for Gmail users).

Note: while finding the email note that this email is from a “no-reply” sender.

Ninth: Once you get the email and open it then find and click on the password reset link in the mail. This will redirect you to the reset password page in Uber app.

Tenth: Now when the password reset page appear then enter new password.

Eleventh: Finally tap on the arrow → button. If you provide a valid password, you’ll be automatically logged in your account. You have reset your password.

Method to reset password from Uber Website

First: Visit the Uber website.

Second: Now once the website is open click on the Sign In option then choose Rider Sign In.

Third: Now click on “Forgot Password” option below the username and password entry fields.

Fourth: Now enter your email address registered with Uber.

Fifth: After this click on Next. Now you’ll get a reset link mail on the email you provided.

Sixth: Visit your Uber email account.

Seventh: Once you open the mail then look for the reset mail and then click it. If it’s is not in inbox, then try finding it in “Spam” folder (or “Updates” folder for Gmail account).

Note: The email you get come from a “no-reply” sender.

Eighth: Next click on the password reset link in mail which redirects you to the reset password page.

Ninth: Enter your new password in the two fields.

Tenth: Now click on Next.

Eleventh: Further, click on Login As A Rider option. Then enter your email and new password.

Click on “I’m not a robot” option check box next to it.

Finally click on Sign in and you should now successfully sign in your account!

How to Recover your Forgotten Uber Password
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How to Recover your Forgotten Uber Password
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How to Recover your Forgotten Uber Password